Did you know that each Congleton Service Part is exclusive and unique? Each piece is hand-crafted with care by our skilled technician in our shop in Northern Vermont. These parts take hours of testing before we land on a final product that we’re confident in. Our Land Rover and Range Rover Classic parts aren’t just exact replicas of the originals, they are more durable and reliable.

Take our Range Rover Classic part, the Map Pocket, as an example. The labor involved to make the mold alone is almost 30 hours. Prototype labor an additional 11 and production of the piece an additional 7-8 after that! And each step requires a myriad of materials, listed below:

Mold materials:
-150g of gel coat
-40g of carbon paste
-300g of resin
-1yd of fiberglass twill

Prototype materials:
-$3 of paint
-60g of carbon paste
-190g of resin
-1/8yd of 10oz breather
-1/6yd of 4oz breather
-1/6yd of perforated release film
-1/2yd of 36” vacuum bag14w

In the end, we’re making Land Rover and Range Rover parts that are true improvements upon the original parts. Our Congleton Service Exclusive Parts are one-of-a-kind and we’re proud to be able to share them with our customers.