We safely delivered our iconic Tuscan Blue 1976 2 Door Range Rover Classic to her owner in Montana last week. This truck is a show-stopper. And she’s gained quite the fan base on our Instagram. We fondly called her “Project Missoula” as we often name the vehicles that come through our shop. And this one is certainly special. We made the numerous upgrades to this fine vehicle including a custom 4.6L engine with 14CUX fuel injection, all new bushings, powder-coated wheels, all-new engine bay, performance radiator, custom Land Rover head unit, and custom heater blower setup. We’ve also paired it with both road wheels and off-road wheels.

Before you get any ideas, it behooves us to remind you that this 2 Door Range Rover is a very lucky client’s vehicle. Yes, that means she’s not for sale. But while this Classic can’t be yours, we hope you enjoy the photos! And if you’re interested in a rebuild of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us.

land rover range rover in winter vermont train yard
land rover Range Rover Classic interior