To celebrate Range Rover’s 50th Anniversary, the brand has released a commemorative model, “The Fifty“. Only 1,970 will be available for purchase (1970 was the year Range Rover was introduced). And the bells and whistles they’ve added will make it appealing for many fans. But, may we be so bold as to recommend… that you buy and restore a Range Rover Classic instead?

At Congleton Service, we offer the world’s finest restored Land Rovers and Range Rover Classics. We’re talking 10,000 parts and 10,000 hours go into these priceless vehicles. Modern technologies and unlimited time allow us to build trucks that far exceed their quality when new. Building this way is slow, painful, expensive, and frustrating. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways to save time, and no workarounds. But a Congleton Certified Classic is made to last 50-years before needing another rebuild. Well cared for, we expect them to last indefinitely.

We improve these trucks for performance, reliability, safety, and comfort. The result is a classic vehicle with daily driver comforts and ease. Our customers can also customize their Range Rover Classic from the radio choice to the custom leather piping on their seats to the wheels. We keep our customers a part of the restoration process every step of the way, providing updates and confirming customization choices.

Sure, a Congleton Certified Restoration will cost you more than one of Range Rover’s 50th Anniversary “The Fifty” models. But, you’ll be in a one-of-a-kind, timeless vehicle. Give us a call today to discuss our process and how we can help you make your Range Rover dreams come true.