In 2019, Orvis commissioned us to rebuild a Range Rover Classic for their annual sweepstakes in partnership with Barbour. And it’s now featured in Alloy and Grit’s recent issue! The rebuilt vehicle is an Epsom Green 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB. Orvis wanted to commemorate Barbour’s 100th anniversary, so we customized the interior with one-of-a-kind Barbour detailing on the seats and trim.

Alloy and Grit is one of the leading voices in the Land Rover and Range Rover world. And we’re honored that they took an interest in our rebuild. In the feature, Alloy and Grit president spoke with Taylor Congleton to discuss the rebuild process and the vehicle.

While you may not have won it in Orvis’ sweepstakes. But you can have photos of it on your coffee table for years to come thanks to Alloy + Grit. Head to their online shop to order your copy!

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