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Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Read some reviews from our valued customers.

“Taylor, the RRC finally arrived and I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the finished product. It is splendid! A fantastic tribute to a true classic. It is everything I expected and more. Job well done certainly doesn’t cover it. Thank you very much for your dedication to detail and quality. I can’t wait for the next one!”

– Ed S., owner of Congleton Certified Restoration #004

“There aren’t many true craftsmen around these days and Taylor and his team take huge pride in delivering an absolutely perfect finished product.”

– Brandon J., owner of Congleton Certified Restoration #001

“Taylor Congleton is as much a craftsman and artist as he is an engineer and master mechanic. There is no person on this continent who is more knowledgeable on the Range Rover Classic nor more capable of recreating it to its original assembly line grandeur. He is a perfectionist and is honest. I highly recommend the Congleton experience for an RRC rebuild.”

– Patrick S., owner of Congleton Certified Restoration #002

“Taylor Congleton is a perfectionist’s perfectionist, incorporating modern engineering and technologies into classic Rovers. If you have one of these icons that you care about, then you need to know Taylor.”

William H.

“Three years ago, I purchased a RRC 25th online, bad idea. After my first phone call with Taylor, I knew I had to take my RRC up to these guys. Congleton was open and honest about the current state of my RRC, massive rust, low power, suspension issues, under performing engine and the list went on. At every step, they provided me with options to complete the work. They were patient with me during my decision process. Most important, my trust for their expertise continued to grow. For me my RRC was like a little kid getting his first toy for Christmas. Congleton has fulfilled my wildest imaginations as a kid at heart. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND THEM. If you are a RRC purist, Congleton is the ONLY SHOP to go. Thanks Congleton for making this old guy, feel like a kid again!”

Steve W.

“After speaking to Taylor a few times, I decided to give Taylor and his team a try and make the 5-hour drive up to Colchester, VT. Taylor reviewed the truck and suggested prioritizing jobs with the framework of my intended use and budget, and combined jobs that complimented each other. During this time, Taylor updated me via phone calls, texts, and before/after pictures. I felt that the care and attention to detail were of the highest standard I could ask for (far more than any Land Rover dealership I’ve used). After flying back to VT to pick her up, I could not believe the work that was performed. She drives like a new truck! I will gladly make the trip to VT to continue the high level of service Congleton Services provides.”

– Ryan T.

“These guys are the best in the business. They are true artists and you will not meet anyone more passionate about the classic Range Rover. I just picked up my 94 SWB RRC and could not be happier. Their tech crew is also very knowledgeable and takes pride in their work. If you are in the market for a classic car, these are the guys!”

– Julian L.

“A testimony to how well a business performs is how you feel they deserve repeat business. After the exceptional work performed on my ‘94 RRC LWB, I knew the answer was yes for my ‘96 Disco. The D1 has engine problems and after trying to sort them locally without success, I realized it was time to ship the D1 to Taylor and the Congleton team! While the shop is not right around the corner from me, car carriers are the solution. I’ll fly up when its finished as always enjoy seeing Taylor and the crew. And I’ll have confidence that the 10-hour drive back will be without any issues and the Disco will be back to full song!”

– Jamie T.

“It is a big decision to commit to spending a substantial sum for a restored “Icon” Rover. However, the results are without question worth the effort and expense. Entrusting Taylor and his group to accomplish the task of reconstruction and or high-end modifications certainly is a most processed decision… As an architect and crazy race car/motorcycle/sailing competitor, my perceptions may be a little skewed. That being said, my “new” Classic is just that, a New Classic with the most significant change, it is more fun to operate than my late model full-size supercharged Rover, my supercharged sport, and certainly far superior to the original Classic. I find myself driving the new Classic almost daily as my first choice. That alone speaks to everything accomplished. I do climb aboard one of my motorcycles, I do alternate to a Porsche convertible but the Classic is always what I think about when I get to my garage! WELL DONE! Another 25 years of serious use and Taylor can do it all once more.”

– Patrick K.

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