Land Rover Engine Cooling Systems Repair and Service in Vermont

Vermont’s ever changing weather can challenge your land rover. You can count on the Congleton Service Team to manage and service your land rovers engine cooling systems..

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Nobody understands your Range Rover, Land Rover, Defender or Freelander better than the team at Congleton Service, the Rover specialists of Vermont and New England.

>> Radiator Service and Repair

Protecting your engine from harsh operating temperatures starts with expert service of the Congleton team. Our cooling system service and check list will ensure your Rover is operating efficiently.

>> ABS Brake Systems

Electronic systems tell fans when to cool your engine for optimum performance. Our technicians ensure these systems are functioning properly through manual and computer generated tests.

>> Brake Hydraulic Systems

Cooling systems are a sealed and pressurized environment. Through pressure testing Congleton Service can ensure your system is free from leaks and that all parts and material are safe for long endeavors.

Our Reviews

By far the most knowledgeable, honest, and fair

Rated 5 out of 5
February 25, 2019

My family has owned 2 defenders, 2 discos, a county, an 03 range…. we always have a Land Rover in the family. Needless to say I’ve been to a lot of service shops.
Taylor and the team are by far the most knowledgeable, honest, and fair service shop I have worked with to date. (And I have worked with a lot) I can’t stress enough the honesty and transparency they gave. They just completed a lot of work on my 1993 County LWB and I couldn’t be happier. I recently recommended them to my nephew for his 2011 rover and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else looking to service a Land Rover.
Thank you to Taylor and the team, me and my family love the county ! Drives and looks amazing!

Albert Dayan

His guys fixed everything and were very thorough

Rated 5 out of 5
February 25, 2019

Taylor was fair and respectful and gave me great information about what I could expect for replacing the head gaskets on my 03 Disco. I already the old girl had suffered some neglect and was in the process of addressing some of it. Taylor and his guys fixed everything and were very thorough. She feels like she has about 100 more horsepower, shifts beautifully, and has lost most of its weird vibrations. It feels like a whole new thing. And the bill still came out for about 20% less than I was quoted from his local competitors. Nice.

Jake Cornelius

True craftsmen who take pride in their work

Rated 5 out of 5
February 25, 2019

So a few years back we sent our 2004 LR Discovery with our son up to Vermont and it was used as a Land Rover should be used. But when the time came for them to return to NewYork she was not up to the trip, needing a new transmission and large number of other repairs. Being 300 miles away and the car inoperable I could not see how I could organize that level of repair so I was planning on donating the car to charity. Then a friend of mine in the Burlington area told me about Taylor and the crew at Congleton Service. When I first spoke with Taylor he clearly understood the bond between an owner and his LR and told me that he would perform a complete assessment and give me an honest accounting of what it would to bring her back to life and back home to NY.
Three months later the car is back in top condition. During that time Taylor and the crew and I were on the phone every step of the way always offering me options and suggestions and in at least one case fabricating a part that the tech thought was way too expensive to buy from Land Rover. The invoices were meticulous and made me quite comfortable that I was never being overcharged.
Doing a restoration like this 300 miles away is always a scary prospect but if you have a Land Rover that you are thinking about restoring then Taylor and the Congleton crew is your best option.
In todays market, true craftsmen who take pride in their work and value their reputation are rare. Thankfully, it still exists at Congleton Service.

Paul Carter

The work is top notch and very detailed, Great shop

Rated 5 out of 5
November 15, 2018

Have had various Rovers around the world and experienced many levels of service on them. After reviewing Congleton Service decided to take the Range Rover Classic LWB to them for primarily replacement of the heater core. This is not for the faint of heart and as the entire dash is removed, if not done properly many issues can arise. After the shop took a look, they prepared an estimate on this and other work we discussed. The bill on the work was what was estimated and showed exactly what was performed which is great for record keeping. The work is top notch and very detailed such as replacing the small electrical connections on the coolant level sensor. Great shop and one I highly recommend to other Rover owners. Do yourself a favor and personally visit them. Great folks and the shop is awesome on what they can do.

Melissa Updegraff

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Frequently Asked About Land Rover Cooling Systems
Why do you focus on the cooling system?
We pride ourselves on building the most reliable & comprehensive cooling system for Land Rovers and Range Rovers. These engines are only as reliable as their ability to stay cool, and our Icebox system keeps these trucks as cool as necessary. The reality is that these engines are all aluminum and very susceptible to damage from overheating.
Can you ensure that the vehicle will run cool?
The best chance at keeping your Land Rover Defender or Range Rover Classic running for the longest possible life, is making sure the engine runs cool. The parts we select for this job are the best that we can source. A cooling system has many components, the most important being the radiator, water pump, and fan clutch. Unfortunately as the years go by, the genuine Land Rover units become obsolete, and we need to source aftermarket units. Thankfully, we have been able to source very high quality replacements, which have in some cases actually been superior.
Do you only focus on engine cooling?
No, in fact this is a very important & frequently overlooked part of a vehicle when power is added. It is extremely important to improve the quality of the transmission cooling system as well, as the additional power will raise the operating temps. We use custom stainless lines which dissipate heat & give a much longer service life. We also upgrade the factory cooler to a far superior unit with billet fittings.

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