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1995 Range Rover Classic on the street in Denver
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A Look behind Congleton Certified #001

Certified #001, the Denver Project, was our first attempt at completely certified restoration vehicles. I don’t mean...

Taylor Congleton|June 17, 2021
Taylor Congleton driving Land Rover 101 over an obstacle

Alps & Meters Joins Taylor Congleton on the Trail

The gentlemen of Alps & Meters recently joined Taylor Congleton on the trail to talk about the legacy Land Rovers...

Taylor Congleton|July 8, 2021
Three Range Rover Classics driving down a dirt road with mountains in the background

The World’s Finest Range Rover Classics

We're thrilled to share our newest video showcasing an incredible lineup of our Congleton Service Range Rover Classics.

Taylor Congleton|July 21, 2020
Orvis and Barbour Range Rover Classic

Congleton Service Rebuilds 1995 RRC for Orvis & Barbour

Orvis has commissioned an exclusive Range Rover Classic, excellently refurbished by Congleton Service, for this year’s...

Taylor Congleton|November 7, 2019