Range Rover Classic 2 Door Front Door Seal Kit

Range Rover

We're excited to now offer the complete set of quality rubber seals for the front doors of the Range Rover Classic 2 Door model. The improved seal design increases the seal between the door frame and the steel shell of your vehicle, thus dramatically reducing the amount of noise. With a fresh set of seals, you will keep moisture out, deaden wind noise, and your doors will close much better and quieter.

Kit includes the seal for the top and sides of the door and the seal for the bottom, for both the Right and Left Hand front doors.

May take an additional 5 business days to fulfill and ship. 

Replaces Part Numbers: 390321, 390320.

Fits: Range Rover Classic 2 Door models

This part is made available to the U.S. market through an exclusive partnership with FAMOUS FOUR, the leading Independent Land Rover and Range Rover specialist in the U.K., supporting models of all ages from 1950s to the present day.