Genuine Cooling Hose Kit for 1995 Range Rover Classic

Range Rover

We've packaged all the hose pieces you need to replace your cooling system. Because, if you know your Rovers, when one cooling hose goes the rest are quick to follow. Instead of replacing one at a time, we recommend replacing all hoses at once with this easy kit. 

Kit Includes: Upper Radiator Hose, Bottom Radiator Hose, Heater core to valve hose, Bleed Hose Expansion Tank, Manifold Hose, 42in 5/16 Cooling Hose, and 21in 5/16 Cooling Hose

Replaces: ESR1818, PCH000050, PEH101530, ERC8598, PCH000100

Fits: 1995 Range Rover Classic