Congleton ICEBOX Performance Cooling System – Range Rover Classic / Discovery 1

Range Rover

ICEBOX Custom Land Rover Radiators by Congleton Service

The ICEBOX custom radiator is a DIRECT fit Land Rover radiator for your Discovery or Range Rover Classic V8. This all-aluminum hand-built radiator is designed and produced in the USA, and TIG welded by hand. The extensively engineered construction and sophisticated core ensure significantly better cooling efficiency over your old stock radiator. This design omits oil coolers from the radiator and requires a Congleton Service Stainless Braided Bypass Kit, which can add up to two additional stand-alone oil coolers.

Each ICEBOX radiator is custom built to our proprietary design right here in the USA with American Aluminum. Our radiators are oversized and provide 40% better cooling efficiency than stock units. Whether used with your existing engine or one of our Spectre motors, nothing keeps Rovers cool like ICEBOX. Gone are the days of being afraid to turn the AC on while stuck in traffic on a hot day. Why have AC if you can’t use it in your Land Rover? The larger capacity and efficiency of the CS ICEBOX means that you can now enjoy air-conditioning in hot August traffic all while being comfortably secure that your Rover is running nice and cool! Never before have Classic Land Rover owners been able to have so much peace of mind! An overheated Aluminum Block can be a total loss for your Land Rover engine. Protect your investment now and in the future by running only CS ICEBOX line of radiators.

CS ICEBOX Radiator for Range Rover Classic and Discovery I requires our Remote Mount CS Oil Cooler and is suggested to be paired with our CS Stainless Braided Oil Cooler Lines.

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Fits: Range Rover Classic, Land Rover Discovery I