Congleton 1995 Range Rover Classic Soft Dash Instrument Cluster Surround

Range Rover

Built off the specs of an original example our proprietary mold system has exactly replicated the original part. In addition, this piece has numerous levels of reinforcement to ensure it fits well and looks good in the interior of your Range Rover for years to come.

This is one of the most vulnerable interior trim pieces on a 1995 Soft Dash Range Rover. Time, weak construction and UV rays have all taken their toll over time. Almost every Classic Range Rover that comes thru our business has a broken one of these, and for at least 8 years the part has been totally unavailable. A few reproductions have been sporadically available the last few years, but nothing approaching factory quality.

Replaces Part Number: AWR1166LNF

Fits: 1995 Range Rover Classic

This part is made by hand in Vermont.  For production, shipping and delivery please allow one to two months.